About Us

We are the Perrys! We are a Jesus-loving, adventure-seeking couple who have two adorable little boys Judah (3 years old) and Jones (1 year old). We live in Mbarara, Uganda serving as missionaries with Africa Inland Mission (AIM). We’ve been living there since November of 2015.

Keith is an amazing dad and a loving husband with a huge heart of service for people. Keith previously worked with a non-profit working to resettle refugees in Texas. He also has a passion for photography. In Mbarara, Keith’s ministry focus will be discipleship and mobilization among university students for missions.

Elyse is a supportive wife and adoring mom with a passion for serving the “least of these”. She has her doctorate in physical therapy and has a passion for working with children with special needs. Elyse previously worked part-time as a pediatric physical therapist. In Mbarara, Elyse’s ministry focus is serving alongside Keith with university students as well as serving at the local hospital in the physical therapy department and teaching a few select classes at the university in Mbarara.

Judah is a lovable, kind, handsome little boy. He has a laid back, go-with-the-flow personality and so far has proved to be a champ when it comes to being flexible, traveling, and meeting new people.

Jones is adorable, sweet and smiling all the time. He was named after Keith’s grandmothers maiden name because it has much history and heritage behind the name. Jones also is a world class traveler as he has already spent over 50 plus hours in a plane in his life.

2 Replies to “About Us”

  1. It was a pleasure to meet you tonight and to learn about your work in Uganda. In a day of shallow Christianity it was refreshing to hear you refer often to theology.
    I searched your website for a theological statement of your beliefs regarding the nature of God and man and your view of the scriptures. I would like to suggest that you include one somewhere on your site.


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