New Year + New Adventures

As some of you may have heard we have big news!! We are moving our little family to Africa this year!! We will be moving to Mbarara, Uganda to pursue long-term missions through discipleship, and physical therapy. Are we super excited? Yes! Are we a little scared and nervous? You betcha! This is something that has been on both of our hearts since before we were married and we are so excited to see God opening doors and allowing opportunities for this to take place.

We have been waiting to make all of this public on social media and now that we have if I am honest it makes me feel preeetty vulnerable for a couple of reasons. For one, I struggle sometimes to even use the word “missionary” when referring to this life change for us because it often has certain connotations in people’s head. Usually along the lines of “poorly dressed, socially awkward, weirdos” or “extra spiritual, super Christians”. Well let me just say right here that we are definitely not the latter and I hope not the former…..Although if that’s the worst people say about us, so be it.

Secondly, support raising + living on monthly support scares the heck out of me. But God has been slowly working on my heart in issues of pride and trust and other fun things. He has also already used people to bless us tremendously and encourage us so much in their willingness and excitement to partner with us in this.

So to sum it all up we are excited + nervous + a little crazy + incredibly thankful to be starting this journey toward Africa. I hope you will take some time to check out the links in our blog for more information + cute pictures of Judah. We can’t wait to sit down with each one of you and talk more about this.

One Reply to “New Year + New Adventures”

  1. Wow wow wow!! Congratulations to all three of you! I loved my short stay in Uganda– you will fall in love with the people there. The food? Not so much… 🙂 I cannot wait to hear more about what you will be up to. Unfortunately, you are pretty far from Jinja where I was staying so my connections wouldn’t be very useful to you. Let me know if you have any questions I could answer… Such an adventure!


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