Safety as an Idol

With limited Wi-Fi we try to make our use of internet productive, but sometimes you just need to zone out and scroll through social media feeds with a bar of chocolate. Unfortunately social media as of late has been anything but light reading and I often come away discouraged, disheartened, and confused. There are so … More Safety as an Idol

First Week in Kenya

Well, we have been in Africa for one week now! We arrived last Friday night after a long 24 hours of traveling. Judah did great on the plane rides and layovers and it was all relatively uneventful. Praise the Lord! Once we got into Nairobi we stayed for 4 nights at a guesthouse run by … More First Week in Kenya

Freely Giving

This weekend my sister and brother-in-law and sweet nephew Liam are moving into our house. We will be living together for the next 7 weeks before we leave Abilene. In preparation for this and for moving to Africa –with everything we own in 6 suitcases (oh my!)– we are getting rid of a lot of … More Freely Giving

It’s crunch time!

A common question we have been asked lately, and one I haven’t really addressed on here is: When are you guys planning on leaving??? Good question! Our target leave date is October 9th of this year (insert butterflies in my stomach + lump in my throat). This is our “target” leave date because when we … More It’s crunch time!

Steady my feet

Steady my feet Lord. This has been my prayer lately. We are not going to do anything extraordinary…. Make disciples. Invest in the local church. Share the gospel. Live in community. Help others through physical therapy. I know plenty of people right here in Abilene that are doing these exact things and doing them well. The … More Steady my feet

Leaving a Legacy

Keith and I both know that one of the hardest things about moving to Uganda is going to be missing our families. We also realize that this is going to be very hard on our families, our parents especially. The addition of this sweet guy doesn’t make it any easier! But as hard as I … More Leaving a Legacy